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Unfortunately, our nation is in a crisis in terms of the number of homeowners facing foreclosure.  We at Profitable Properties, have dedicated the last 13 years to helping people resolve their mortgage situations through a variety of different ways.

Short Sales - In many cases keeping the house may not be a viable or practical option.  In those situations, we are available as the premier Short Sale Listing experts in the area.  A Short Sale is when you owe more on the propery than what it is actually worth.  Many homeowner's are in the position of being "Upside-Down" on their house due to accumulated back payments, late fees, attorney costs, taxes and insurance on top of high mortgage balances and decreasing property values.  What this all means is that in order to sell your home and avoid a foreclosure, you have to ask the mortgage company to accept something less than what they are owed.  Banks are more than willing to do this because it's better for their bottom line, however, it takes true experience to get it done and get it done right.  Most Real Estate agents have only an hour of training before claiming the title of "expert". 

We have specialized in this business since the mid 90's and know how to sucessfully get the best price offered AND accepted on your house.  Broker, Valerie Crane has multiple national Short Sale certifications from the foremost educators including the prestigious Five Star Short Sale Certification and has received the Short Sale Foreclosure Resource Designation (SFR) from the National Association of Realtors. Download our Special Report on Freqently Asked Short Sale Questions, to see if this option is right for you.


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Alternatives to Foreclosure
9 Alternatives to being foreclosed on
Short Sale Frequently Asked Questions
All your Short Sale questions answered!
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Financial Statement Form
Short Sale Financial Form
IRS Form 982
IRS Form to discharge potential Tax Liability from a Short Sale
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